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Estonian Academic Sports Federation

Estonian Academic Sports Federation arrangements


In Estonia:

  • EASL arranges incorporation with members, sport-clubs and sports federations Estonian Students championships in different sports.
  • Estonian Students Championships in basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton,  track and field, cross-country skiing, snowboard, orienteering, Creek-roman wrestling, judo, karate, board-tennis, swimming, inner bandy.
  • Estonian student games or tournaments in basketball, volleyball, board-tennis, a sporty week-end „Student Ball”.
  • Students summer games – a three-day sports party for students. During those three days will find out the most active and sporty college in Estonia.
  • Schooling for students in arrangement of competitions and sport management.
  • Tournaments for lectors and employees in basketball, volleyball, chess and in one sport on free choice.
  • EASL informs member schools about students sports activities in Europe and all around the world


  • Every fourth year The International SELL Games (SELL – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • EASL mediate the students participation in summer- and winter Universiade and Students World and European Championships
  • International communication with FISU, EUSA and with the student sports federations in the other countries




Estonian Academic Sports Federation (EASL) was found on 15th of January in 1992. Following is the short history of the federation told by Valter Lenk, one of the charter members.


During the Swedish-time were fencing and dancing acknowledged subjects in University of Tartu. In 1802, in re-opened university, were employed lectors for horse riding, fencing, swimming and dancing.


Our federation’s direct predecessor was Estonian Academic Sport Club (EASK), which was located at University of Tartu, but was coordinating all Estonian student sport internationally. In 1923 on Baltic Student Conference, The EASK came with idea to start regularly arrangement of regional student competitions. The idea warmly welcomed and the first attempt was given to arrange by Tartu students. So started The SELL Games (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).


After The Second World War became all university sports clubs a part of Central Council of sport union Kalev. There was student sport subsection with full-time employees in Central Council of Kalev during this time. A compatible instructor was working in Department of High Education who was responsible for sport and obligatory physical activity. Our students did well within Soviet Union, among universities and agricultural universities won several times first places. The „bad” Baltic States, who did not want to become members of BUREVESTNIK sports union, were excommunicated in 1962 from participators of student’s competitions. This punishment last for 20 years. Only few Estonian students were able to compete internationally.


In December 1989 was University of Tartu Hall half filled up with hobbyist. Still the plan was to impose the student sport subsection of Central Council of Kalev, by lead of Ivar Valge, into the new federation. One and an half year later showed there was no use. Experienced organizers declared themselves to academical sport federations organizing committee in October the same year. The support and help was supplied by Jaan Kundlalt from Department of Education. By this time was the student sport subsection in Central Council of Kalev abolished and there was no hope for employees and monetary help.


In 1992, 15th of January was found Estonian Academic Sport federation (EASL) in the Department of Education and Culture building on

Pronksi street

in Tallinn. The founders were representatives from 12 universities and institutes. On 6th of February was delegate meeting in the University of Tartu Hall, where the federation constitutionalized and the federations governing body was selected. Rein Kaarepere was selected to the head of federation and The Tartu Commercial Bank was selected as one of the charter member.


Raivo Russman (TTK) was leading the college sports fatigue in the first leadership. The old technical schools had to change into college-type trade high-school.

The federation arranged seminars for physical education teachers at Kääriku, but because of many layoffs in the universities during later years did not bring together the study-groups anymore. In 1996 started three-part sports leaders’ schooling-program with the voluntary students. Every year brings 15-20 new young sports activists.


The highest achievement in the federations history was, when in May 1998, after many years groundwork, restarted The SELL-games. It brought inter-university competitions on the new level with students from 13 countries large-scale program. The SELL-games will be arranged in Tartu this May again.


Estonian Student Championships are carried out permanently on different sports. Additionally arranges EASL competitions for practitioners. The most popular are basketball tournaments, in which every year nearly thirty teams are participating in. Also the students summer games, SUVEMÄNGUD, are very popular, which took place at first time in 2000, where as well as students compete also the rectors.














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